Pink Fox Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Strategies that drive results.

Pink Fox Digital, is a Raleigh based agency that offers digital marketing services with a focus on affordability, flexibility, and personalized services.

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Pink Fox Digital channels its professional expertise and extensive experience exclusively towards Pay-Per-Click (PPC) digital marketing strategies, employing a laser-focused approach dedicated to maximizing your return on investment.
Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising

Ensure a positive first impression with expertly crafted paid search ads, where our team handles everything from campaign strategy and keyword research to bids and ad copywriting to meet your specific business goals.

Paid Social Advertising

Engage your audience at every stage of the conversion funnel with our PPC services, offering comprehensive social media strategies tailored for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to maximize your reach and drive demand.


Elevate brand awareness and drive website traffic cost-effectively through audience-based display campaigns, utilizing custom creative elements to convey your message visually.
retargeting campaigns


Keep your brand top of mind and drive leads with retargeting ads that target previous site visitors, recognizing that conversions may not happen on the first visit but ensuring your brand stays forefront.

eCommerce Advertising

Navigate the eCommerce landscape effectively with Performance Max campaigns and social shops, collaborating to optimize your store’s visibility across all commerce platforms.

High performing websites.

Pink Fox Digital welcomes you to the forefront of web design and development, offering dedicated services to create visually stunning and highly functional websites. Our expert team focuses on user-centric design, ensuring an intuitive experience that goes beyond aesthetics to optimize user engagement and conversion paths.

Who we work with.

We are a Raleigh based digital marketing studio that serves business in North Carolina and beyond.

We partner with a wide range of clients spanning Direct-to-Consumer (D2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), and e-commerce industries. Our expertise in paid media and website development caters to diverse business models, ensuring effective, user-centric solutions for all our clients. Let’s turn your digital goals into reality—reach out today and discover if we’re the perfect match for your success!